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By selecting Young Leaders Conference 2019 as your vendor location, you will place your products in front of a wide demographic that will help you position your brand for success.

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Q: What are vending hours of operation?

A:  7:00- 9:00 am

     12:00 – 1:30 pm

      4:00 -  7:00 pm 

     10:00 pm – Closing


Q: What is covered in the cost of vending?

A: Vending cost includes a permit to vend at the YLC conference, standard sized table, table skirt and two (2) chairs.  Electrical outlets are available for purchase through the GICC. Visit the GICC website at www.gicc.com for pricing. Vending cost does not cover or include registration to the YLC conference. 


Q: What is the size of the vending booth?

A: The standard booth table supplied to all YLC vendors is 8 ft. In the event space is limited, the table size may reduce to 6 ft. 


Q: Can vendor registration be paid in payments?

A: Yes. Vending registration payment plans can be found in the Vendor Agreement. Deposits for YLC vending are non-refundable. 


Q: Are staff members and marketing materials allowed at vending booths?

A: Yes. Staff members and marketing tools such as banners, signs, etc. are permitted within the designated vending space. Electrical outlets, additional seating, and additional space is available for purchase directly through the GICC. Visit the GICC website at www.gicc.com for more information. 


 Q: Can vendor booths be shared?

A: Vending booths are for individual vendors and cannot be shared.