While the conference emphasizes ministry, media, and the marketplace, we have honed in on 6 unique tracks that reflect the diversity of our audience. Pastors/Preachers, Entrepreneurs, Singles, Creatives, Women In Ministry, and Ministry Families. Each track offers 6 sessions spread out over the course of the 3 days.

It is going to grow and it is going to transform the whole world.


In an age where everyone claims to be a credible subject matter expert, we opted to invite the ones who actually have proof. One of the hallmarks of YLC is the fact that we have committed to exposing our attendees to the absolute best of the best. Our lineup consists of influencers from multiple generations, backgrounds and schools of thought. Grammy Award winners, Mega Pastors, International Best Selling Authors, Self Made Multi Millionaires, corporate executives & many other industry leaders make up our speakers lineup. If you've been looking for a conference that offered an opportunity to glean from those you've dreamed of meeting, look no further. 


We grew tired of attending conferences that had an underlying current of competition around who was the most successful or popular, so we decided to reshape the paradigm. This is the reason that one of the major components of our conference culture is the fact that collaboration trumps competition. This conference is about assembling thousands of equally hungry and supportive visionaries together who understand that we're better together. Previous years have proven that while the sessions will be life changing, one of the biggest takeaways you will leave with is the relationships that you form while there. 


Can you imagine a gathering that both inspired and educated you to the point that you left with just as much "playbook" as you did "pep rally"? Good, so can we. One of the hallmarks of YLC is the fact that we are serious about providing more than a feel good experience. Our attendees are guaranteed to leave with proven strategies and principles that will enhance their vision whether it be in the area of ministry, media or the marketplace. 


experience THE TRACKS


This track is designed to empower both men and women of the cloth with tools to advance them in the areas of sermon preparation, ministry growth, road rules, leadership development and much more.


While we offer a track for Pastors & Preachers already, we learned from our women in ministry who were in attendance that they would love to see a separate track designed to speak to the unique needs of their thats exactly what we did. This track will key in on the specialized interests and needs of women who minister whether it's in the pulpit or the boardroom.


We understand that while many of our guests are uniquely built to dominate the current corporate landscape, theres another group thats destined for a path of entrepreneurial success & this track is designed to equip them with what they'll need to be successful. Sessions in this track will cover financial management and strategies, product creation, contracts and negotiation and so much more.


Unfortunately, there are too many instances where singleness is presented as a curse to be cured from when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. This track is not about presenting singleness as a problem to be solved but about providing different perspectives and viewpoints on relationships that those who are single today can use to influence their future choices and inform their current discussions.


Its impossible to host a gathering thats truly relevant without speaking to those who make up the creative community. This track focuses on speaking to the hearts of artists, musicians, designers, photographers, dancers, authors, singers and every other function that thrives on creativity.


If we know anything, we know that families are under attack. For that reason, we have tailored an entire track of the conference to speak to those who make up families. Husbands, wives, single parents, and children will benefit from the wisdom of our diverse lineup of speakers that we've brought in to share how to successfully navigate family life.