Young Leaders Consecration Revival

JAnuary 24-26 2019 - Atlanta, georgia

One of the hallmarks of the Young Leaders Conference is the fact that it speaks to both the natural and the spiritual sides of our attendees. YLC is one of the few places where you can gain strategy for your business and see people get out of wheelchairs under the power of God in the exact same setting.

While we love the duality of ministry and marketplace, we feel that the time has come for us to gather a generation together for the purpose of ministering strictly to their spiritual needs. For this reason, we are calling you to join believers from all over the world in Atlanta on January 24th - 26th for our consecration revival.

In addition to life changing worship services in the evening, we will also be offering empowering general sessions on a wide range of subjects including intercession, spiritual gifts, understanding the prophetic, healing, spiritual warfare, worship and more! We are expecting miracles, signs and wonders and we are confident we will see them because we’ll be in a 72 hour unbroken prayer chain at the venue for the duration of the revival. Thats right, there will be people in the building crying out to God every moment of this revival! Can you see it? Good, so can we!

What better way to begin 2019 than in an environment that will prepare you spiritually for the best year of your life? Simply click the link below and take advantage of our special Vision Week registration price! Seating is extremely limited so claim yours today!


YLC Branding Suite

Imagine a conference that revolutionizes your brand before you even leave?

We are proud to introduce the YLC Branding Suite as a new addition to our conference experience! Because of the fact that so many of our guests are committed to advancing themselves, we have decided to provide on-site options for our guests to benefit from. Our goal is position our guests in such a way that by the time they leave, their brand is 1,000% better. This is what we’re offering!

on site photographer

Guests will have the option of utilizing our on site photographers to capture professional headshots and photographs. This will allow our guests to immediately enhance their image and presentation.

professional stylists

Upgrade your appearance with the help of our professional stylists who will be on site to help you improve your look and determine exactly what styles work best for you.

Web developers

Need an updated website? Let our team of web designers handle that for you and your business through a detailed consultation.

Graphic artists

If you are tired of having a logo or flyers that do no represent you, allow our award winning graphic artists to create a completely custom look for you.